Off-Topic 005 : An Army of One

03Dec03 (Monthenor): We're still on deadline, yo. Gogeek moved into its new digs overnight, so I couldn't put up the comic until nowish. If the domain still isn't resolving for you, then you're not here yet. Simple.

Remember those Comps I was telling you about? Well, I passed. I motherfucking passed!! Thus I drank the Rosso Spumante of Victory, as opposed to the Colored Vodka of Defeat. Neither of which would be as bad as the Apple Jalapeno Pepper Wine of Abject Humiliation.

Almost nothing stands between me and graduation now. The pass cutoff was way down low at 60 percent this year, which is good because I only got a 66. That's what happens when you completely suck at an entire fourth of the subjects. Software Engineering holds no interest for me, and I studied the class as I learned it, not as it was taught this year. So I went to Comps all ready to take on the Spiral design model and use cases and got bitch-slapped with hard numerical software metrics. I'm pretty sure I got a big fat 0. My answer to the last question was, in full, "I have no idea. The only thing I remember from Software Engineering was that Great Plains Dynamics sucks. Look, you made the bunny cry --> (picture of crying bunny)".

But out of the 75 points that I did care about, I got 66. That's an 88% grade, which I'm perfectly happy with. The silly human resource classes can suck it.

This comic springs from a conversation Sunday night while watching Discovery's Xtreme Martial Arts show. There wasn't a lot of actual martial arts in the show, but the computer graphics of the skeletons fighting was definitely xtreme. I hate that word. Anyway, there was this one trainer that looked like Hitler with a fuller mustache. It was kinda scary.

03Dec03 (Monthenor): Remember way back when I said I wanted to top Google for "Bezos eye bleeding"? Somebody out there likes me.

I am living in a fantasy dream world!
Morgion // 12.03.03 - 22.35

There is no fucking garment grid in Final Fantasy X-2, and George Bush is not the President. He did not call Pittsburgh "Knowledge City", and Sony did not make an epic game that requires strategic management of a pop princess' wardrobe.

La la la la, I can't hear you.

Also, Dreamweaver is freaking out. It can't determine the remote server time, which apparently means it can't deliver a directory listing… The "halfway move" of our host has not gone well.