GerbilMechs 071 : Function

25Nov03 (Monthenor): There, comic. No time for talk now, because a) the mighty Comp Test is tonight and b) Prince of Persia arrived. They will be taken care of in that order. I haven't freaked about a test this badly since...maybe ever. You only get two tries at the Comps, and you must pass to finish grad school. Doesn't matter how cool your thesis is, if you screw up Comps you just wasted the last two years. Mostly. Gotta go study.

Oh, and no comic Saturday. Holidays, family, slow modem, yadda yadda.

25Nov03 (Monthenor): I am a cheap drunk, but that's not important right now. What's important is that when you order an experimental Morgan and lemonade, you are in fact not kidding.

And by popular demand, here is my latest Office Information Systems assignment, wherein I compare the groupwork capabilities of iChat audio chat, a brick, and air. Morgion really enjoyed it, MIS honky that he is.