Monty and Morgion 071: Sands of Time

06Dec03 (Monthenor): I was going to make some humorous comic about how Princess Fara was better than Yorda, or about how rewinding time lets you get away with anything. I just couldn't. I couldn't detract from the sheer joy that this game brings to all who touch it. It is probably that most well-balanced game of the past...forever. Anybody can pick it up and start bouncing off walls like a madman. It's plot is communicated through brief cutscenes and voiceovers during play, and they always seem to enhance the game rather than interrupt it.

For example: my brother and I were blazing through the game over Thanksgiving break (because Alexandria, MN holds nothing of interest for the discerning college male, aside from electricity) and had made it about halfway. My younger brother, a sixth grader, wanted to play a little bit. Within a minute he had picked up the basic controls, and within two minutes he was leaping and swinging as if he had been playing from the beginning. When people can just intuitively play the game from any point, it's a thing of beauty.

Morgion has been having a slightly tougher time of it...I try not to flat-out tell him how to get through rooms I remember, and he's hit a couple of strange bugs where Fara would fall through a floor or wall and force him to start over. But he's still on track to beat the game today, and then we can have a nice lengthy discussion about the best time-travel game ever made. Eat that, Majora's Mask!