Monty and Morgion 109: Jacked In, Decked Out

15Oct04 (Monthenor): It's been a while since Morgion and I were both playing a game with this much dedication. Decker is yet another random-dungeon Rogue variant in the grand tradition of Zangband. Decker doesn't have the massive amounts of stuff that Zangband does, but it's interesting enough that I've been playing it during down time for a couple weeks.

The concept is a Neuromancer-like dungeon crawl, where you accept contracts to hack systems, retrieve files, install backdoors, and such. From your "home" you jack into systems and sneak (or rampage) from node to node and clean them out. As above, the system may try to stop you but a Probe MkI will very rarely succeed. A quick Silence and a Smoke will keep you from getting into trouble most of the time, and then you can come right back and Virus them in the head.

Give it a go, but make sure you read the help files first. Once you're in the game, there's no explanation of how to do things. There's always room for a small, windowed, turn-based game on my computers.