Monty and Morgion 085: Non Stupidtur

09Apr04 (Monthenor): Once again, Drakengard rears its evil time-sucking head in the pages of GerbilMechs. Although the game as a whole is still addictive and fun, there's one point that sticks out sorely every time I play. The music. The music is total crap.

No no no. Damn. That just came out, I'm sorry. What I wanted to talk about was your allied soldiers. In Dynasty Warriors, you were one (super-powerful) soldier on a greater battlefield, where your army clashed with the enemy until one side emerged victorious. For the most part you could ignore your friends and concentrate on clearing great swaths of destruction in your side of the field. If something really important happened, your allies called for aid.

In Drakengard you hear the lamentations and requests of your fellow soldiers constantly. They talk at certain pre-programmed intervals: kill a specific enemy, stay in the level for 20 minutes, what have you. Let's say -- completely hypothetically -- that you just laid waste to 500 opposing soldiers inside of fifteen minutes with a small bejeweled stick. In Dynasty Warriors this might cause a small drop in enemy morale. In Drakengard, you're just as likely to hear your soldiers whine about how poorly the battle is going. Perhaps the battle might not be going so poorly if a certain dragon-rider's allies actually got out and fought once in a while. That's right: while in Dynasty Warriors you are one small piece of your army's might, in Drakengard you are the army. Your fictional allies never appear on the field to help you, preferring to bitch from the safety of...of...I actually have no idea where they would be, if not in the battle. You're alone, and they don't seem to know it, is my point.