GerbilMechs 109: On the Scent

12Oct2004 (Monthenor): I think that, even with my limited playtime, I'm ready to pronounce Magic Pengel a winner.

Magic Pengel: Everybody knows what Pokemon is all about by now. Collect monsters, battle them for sport, make opposing children weep as their pets fall to your cartoony might. Now imagine what would happen if you could command a team of cartoon genitalia in glorious combat.

Imagine no longer. Magic Pengel puts the power in your hands by allowing you to sketch, freehand, any little critter your heart desires. Draw a blobby red Body, beefy green Arms, and stubby little pink Legs, and the game brings your creation to life! Your "Doodle" army frolics with victory dances, punches, jumps, and fires goofy little magic in a glorified version of Paper Rock Scissors. I'm sure that if I owned the game it would get repetitive and have little replay value, but right now I just want to get Wing and Rotate parts to add to my death machines.