Monty and Morgion 088: Undead Languages

30Apr04 (Monthenor): Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem: This game has been pretty sweet so far. I'm only a couple of boards in, but I see why it got such great reviews -- two years ago. At first glance, the locked-door-shambling-zombie gameplay might resemble Resident Evil too much for my liking. However, ED has more plot in its little finger than RE has in its whole series. The inclusion of Lovecraftian gelatinous god creatures is the most obvious departure from the corporate zombification that's all the rage these days. The game also uses a nice little book-oriented system, where your character in the present learns spells and combat moves by reading the diaries of characters from the past, which double as the levels you play. Naturally, since these people are in the past and struggling against a timeless evil force, you don't exactly win each level. All you can hope for is to get to the end...which is the right kind of Cthulesque atmosphere for a story like this.

Holy jumping Jesus Christmas SHIT, have you seen this page? For all my gaming talent, I've never had the patience (or maps) to beat Metroid, and here are guys beating it between classes. Ok, fine, these movies aren't technically somebody sitting down at a console and showing off. They're tuned and perfected in an emulator using save states and slo-mo. Who cares? I use this analogy: we know the ultimate speed limit of the universe, 'c', but we still keep track of human land-speed records. These movies are 'c'.