Monty and Morgion 089: Cinco de Mayo Special

04May04 (Monthenor): No, I have not actually made any of this. You bastards. I don't think we even have mayonnaise in the apartment, although there is a jar of Miracle Whip. They're both white, and so is sour cream, so that works, right?

I believe Food Satan is still rather pissed about this near-miss.

05May04 (Monthenor): I know that I've never missed a scheduled update. I'm very proud of that fact. If I call off the comic, I give you at least one comic's notice, right? Well, that's what this is. Right now I have no definite plans to ignore GerbilMechs, but I will say that yesterday I received Metroid Prime from GameFly and installed CounterStrike at home. Productivity is expected to reach all-time lows in the next week or two. There will probably still be comic...probably.

A big thank you to whoever installed Half-Life and CounterStrike on my work computer. All your CD key are belong to me.

Wow, it's windy right now. I had just parked my car outside in one of the extra spaces of our parking lot when I heard this horrendous metal-tearing sound behind me. The warehouse/truckyard thing just over the train tracks gave up part of its vinyl roof, and this piece was rolling across the tracks chasing an SUV. It was amusing for a moment, and then I put my car the hell in the garage.