Monty and Morgion 087: Guns A-Blazing

23Apr04 (Monthenor): I hate this game. I had grand plans for that center panel, but screw it. While doing this comic, I played some more of the game and it sapped my will to talk about it.

X-Files: Resist or Serve: I hate Resident Evil. This game takes what would probably be three middling-to-good episodes of a good season of X-Files (i.e. before Mulder and Scully left to pursue their "movie careers") and splices them into infinity hours of Resident Evil gameplay. As a for instance, the place is crawling with lesser zombies and demon things. Mulder and Scully burn through more ammo than they used in the entirety of the series. Most of that ammo wouldn't be necessary if they could aim worth a damn. It could just be me, but when I press the "aim" button and a zombie's in my cone of vision, I expect my character to aim at it. I hate key puzzles, I hate carrying switches to switch boxes, I hate hate HATE stupid arbitrary triggers (how do I open this door? Of course, I pick up the night vision goggles!), and I hate being rooted in place while trying to shoot. X-Files has all this and more! It wasn't fun even after turning on Invincibility and One-Hit Kills. That's sad. And it made me sad.

Then I wanted to play some Eternal Darkness to cheer me up, and the disc was damaged. Crappity hell damn crap.

23Apr2004 (Monthenor): Nothing cheers me up faster these days than killing 500 sorry bastards in Drakengard. That game is freaky, man. And it's finally getting hard now that the main plotline is over.