Monty and Morgion 067: A Very Tw'Aolzon Halloween

31Oct03 (Monthenor): Hm, the meter isn't quite right in the last stanza. Oh well.

The guys who moved in below us this semester have brought with them a very loud stereo system that runs off water. Morgion has already gone down to speak with them twice, their RIAA-standard bass-heavy crap is that annoying. I choose to take a more passive-aggressive tack, what you might call the "weenie" approach.

Happy Halloween!

Morgion // 11.01.03 - 13.30

Or, What I've Been Doing for the Last Forever. Homemade lefse recipes, lefse grills: potato recipes with a Norwegian twist.

It's not all about keywords. But the title really has to be. The rest of the page is all about the quality tools and recipes for making great potato lefse. And if anyone knows about making great Norwegian lefse (I know there really isn't any other kind of potato lefse, but, you know, keywords.), it's a specialty housewares store in the heart of the Norwegian Midwest… we've got the "Hjemkømst Center" right next door in East Fargo—um, I mean, Moorhead.

Besides, we know that a wooden lefse turner is way more than a yard stick. It has tapered edges, and beautiful detailing on the handle. So there.

Here's my second-favorite Halloween comic: Safetypin's Halloween Costume Suggestion Funtime, over at Gluemeat.

01Nov03 (Monthenor):

Mmmm, pumpkin seeds.