GerbilMechs 067 : Bilingual Vengeance

28Oct03 (Monthenor): You're looking at a changed Monty. Well, not really, but you're looking at the words of a changed Monty. Last week I played through Metal Gear Solid 2 (at the Preschooler difficulty level) and it made my head hurt. I've never seen such a bizarre plot in a video game. I've played other games that acknowledged the fact that they were games (Conker's Bad Fur Day, Monkey Island), but I've never seen nor heard of any game wherein the fact that it was a game was itself the game. I'm trying to do this without spoilers, but the game is so dense with revelations and super/sub-plots that sometimes you can't go two rooms without running headlong into an over-the-top cutscene.

I had been warned about it, but I honestly didn't think it could be as bad (read: strange) as everyone said. Then I met my girlfriend, also my handler for the mission. Then I met the vampire. Then I met Lady Luck. If you can't keep up with the game, it'll let you turn the difficulty down to Very Easy, but gord help you if you can't keep up with the plot. I have passed through the plot, and I will never look at gaming the same way.

Another notch on my controller was added for Jak and Daxter as well. It was an enjoyable Banjo-Kazooie romp. The load times were nonexistant, so nothing interrupts your quest for shinies. It's just a wee short...shorter than Banjo-Kazooie or BK2, shorter than Mario 64 even. It only clocked in about four hours longer than my Rachet and Clank rental, and I'd put it on about that level. It was pretty, though.

29Oct03 (Monthenor): I have a thesis. I HAVE A THESIS! The beginnings of one, anyway. Last week my boss/advisor called me in for a brief chat on my academic future. My bile overcame my cowardice and I told him exactly what I thought of the program. He stopped short of agreeing with me, but seemed sympathetic. We agreed it was about time to think of a thesis, and what form said thesis project might take.

On the walk home from campus, the thesis came to me. Just today, my short informal presentation was tentatively approved by boss/advisor. Green means GO! I am now consumed by secret burning thoughts of my thesis. BURNING!!

I wish I could tell you more, but then it would be posted on the Intarweb and I would a) be held to it by the secret Order of the Ivory Tower during defense, and b) somebody out there would steal my idea because you are all hackers and music pirates. Also, the idea isn't fully fleshed out yet, but there is plot! and movement! and ninja(s)! I have said too much.

If you know me in person, you could probably convince me to talk about it. I like talking about me. So we should go out soon then, yeah? I'd love to go somewhere with drinks and maybe snackies, tomorrow or the next day. I'm dying to use my new phone, too. New phone! I've spent too much money!

This is me being happier than I've been all semester. I'm making many more silly noises than usual, and starting the dishwasher is a minor triumph worthy of celebration. BURNING!