Monty and Morgion 059: Q*Book

29Aug03 (Monthenor): I'm not gonna get all smarmy like those Switch characters, but damn if I'm not loving this cute little thing. I just wanted to dash off a quick one-hour drawing to explain what usual, it ballooned out of control.

29Aug03 (Monthenor): Jeepers Creepers 2? Oh yeah, good stuff. It goes for a different vibe from the first and succeeds where others fail. Jeepers Creepers was old-school horror done right: characterization was spot on, it didn't coddle the audience, and it didn't even attempt to explain the why of this horror creature. Number two takes those ideas and runs with them. The cast is much larger, but at no point did I think to myself "Boy, that was out of character/had no basis". You see the Creeper lots more, but all the surprise was in the first movie anyway. And I could find no fault in the Creeper's tactics. If I was a centuries-old winged sentient killing machine, I would play it exactly like in the movie.

Time to burn? Fark can help.
Morgion // 08.30.03 - 10.29

Between the amusing news blurbs and Photoshop threads… like A Jeep, A Cat, and A Spatula… it's hours of unproductive fun.

Especially when the comment counter reaches infinity. I don't know what Fark approximates as infinity, but whatever it is, you still have to read through them all. Here are some gems:

Unrelated to Fark, but still a good time:

Remember when I said the imbeciles at Morgan Creek didn't like the vision of the Exorcist prequel? Well, more than a rumor now. Exorcist: The Beginning was refused post-production funds; Director Paul Schrader was fired. "Because he didn't put enough blood, guts and vomit in the prequel".

But that's OK. Underworld is almost hear, and Kate Beckinsale is indeed very British in the film.

Why are you looking at me funny? What? What? I didn't do it.

30Aug2003 (Monthenor): Something about my Apple order that I may not have mentioned. My credit limit wasn't quite high enough to buy the package, so Vixen let me use her airline-bonus card to pay. But now that she's seen what an iPod can do, she jokingly(?) says that she may not let me have it.

Sorry to break it to you, Vixen, but Apple has just notified me that my iPod has shipped via Airborne Express. So there's a very real possibility that neither of us will get it.