GerbilMechs 059 : First Biscuit

26Aug03 (Monthenor): School has started. Yay?

Inuyasha is back on Adult Swim, yippity skippy. And they're not even making us sit through the old episodes first. So now there is closure for the story line they uncerimoniously abandoned all those months ago...I don't care what your dubbing budget is, stopping your "season" one or two episodes from the end of a story arc is just mean.

I was seized this weekend by a powerful force of creativity. The long-dormant piece of my brain that deals with AMV creation suddenly woke up and bent me over my keyboard until early today. The result? Hot shit. Believe it, yo. Yes, it's a avi, but it's in Microsoft MPEG4 so even Macs should be able to play it.

26Aug03 (Monthenor): Yes, I'm an ass.


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