Monty and Morgion 055: Gold Standard

25Jul03 (Monthenor): ...a comic which falls flat if you haven't seen Pirates of the Caribbean yet. Also, two fine details that definitely don't come through in such a low-res jpeg: the inscription on the coins is "klaatu barada nikto", and there's a "CHA" on the moon. I should know by now when my effort will be wasted...

Has anyone else here seen that Spiderman thing on MTV? Holy shit, is it good. Morgion found it earlier this week, and I was just blown away. It's by our good pals at Mainframe, makers of the underrated show ReBoot and its ass-kicking third season. Well, they're back at it and aiming for an older demographic. This Spiderman show is great in all the ways that Justice League and Samurai Jack are not: they have real characters, believeable but over-the-top villains, and they actually pay attention to their own continuity. Like, characters will be introduced and then appear in later episodes, something that America's syndicated kiddie cartoons have forgotten. Villains die. That's right, some villains die and are gone for good. No fancy escapes, no mercy, they are dead and bloody on the ground. Each show is nicely self-contained, but it doesn't feel episodic at all. And I've only seen four episodes. Definitely one to watch.

I reiterate, no comics next week. I will not be here. I will be having fun on the east coast, which I'm sure is a fun place but not quite important enough to capitalize. So no comics Unless Morgion is good enough to grace us with the gripping conclusion to his masterpiece of comicry.