GerbilMechs 056 : Abridged Translation

05Aug03 (Monthenor): Aaaaaand we're back! Hope nobody was getting attached to that character, heh.

We have been assured by Lexicon, the last survivng member of our server team, that the recent downtimes afflicting the gogeek family have been solved. Here's to prompt service for free hosting!

Oh, and a little something extra: I typed up the travelogue for my trip to D.C. last week. Sushi!

A usability note for today's graphical adventure in redefining standards.
Morgion // 08.05.03 - 20.23

Down. Then right. It's the opposite of practically every other comic on the site.

But it gives you the surreal sense of listening to half a conversation (and, bonus, it's between an anthropomorphic gerbil and some hamsters). Or that you're watching something that's happening in the future!

I think the sushi went to Monty's head. ;-)

There are really good movies after summer.
Morgion // 08.05.03 - 21.28

Underworld (imdb). Werewolves vs. vampires in a dark, action-packed style that is (supposedly) not just a Blade/Matrix synthesis. Maybe they'll have a feisty, gun-toting, diminutive female necromancer. But if not, I can count on Kate Beckinsale (imdb) to be hot, leather-and-vinal clad, well-armed, and (hopefully) British. Plus, she has enormous… hands. Seriously, she says so.

The Prisoner of Azkaban. It will kick ass. It has to, or I'll cry. And now that Chris Columbus has been jettisoned as director, it will definitely be darker.

They are making a sequel to The Ring. I'm frightened, on many levels. It many not be as scary, and thus will be an acceptable chaser to the original. Or, it will freak me out again, leave me shivering like a little girl. A neurotic little girl. *twitch*

Now, I give you Gluemeat: enjoy the delicious insanity.

06Aug03 (Monthenor): Well shit. I was hoping this comic wouldn't need an explanation, as its panels are clearly separated and it's not some existential self-referential mishmash. When I wrote up the script it seemed to flow in five panels, but five is not a very thorough use of the page. So try to imagine the comic as five large panels, reading left to right, most of which have two sub-panels, which just happen to read down for space reasons. Even so, I overdrew a bit and had trouble fitting some dialogue in.

And I don't know what text editor you're using to make your posts, Morgion, but could you at least pretend to preserve some indentation in the file? It makes my eyes hurt...says the man with red text on a black background

It's not completely wrong. Just mostly.
Morgion // 08.06.03 - 18.14

The number of panels is fine, glorious in fact. The divisions… Exquisite! Superb! The flow is the flaw; we want to go left to right, and need motivation and direction to do otherwise.

Dreamweaver will now indent. But indents are evil. They consume bandwidth and for no good reason. Of course, if I made the layout XHTML compliant, we wouldn't have to deal with tables and the primary need for indentation would evaporate. So I'll shut up now.

Gluemeat gives me warm fuzzies.
Morgion // 08.06.03 - 19.14

The eternal battle rages on. It's cool because I say so. More importantly, because they want me to tell you I say so.