GerbilMechs 150: Trading Pawns

30Aug05 (Monthenor): We are now one day from the end of August and our cable still hasn't been disconnected. Not that I am complaining about getting free cable...not really. The complaint is about corporate incompetence. They know we cancelled on the 12th, they even gave Morgion a call asking him why. Side note: the cable rep on the phone actually told Morgion that we shouldn't switch to DSL because their signal travels over "outdated copper wires". I was not aware of Cable One's ability to magically beam the Internets into our goddamn brains!!

Outdated copper wires. Seriously.

Anyway, they said and confirmed that we'd get a refund for the last half of the month. If a bill shows up in the next few days, then we'll know they screwed up. Until then, let's all enjoy the free cable.

Ceci n'est pas un jeu. Under no circumstances should you attempt to play it. It will break you and/or give you a heart attack, which is normally not my thing when looking for "fun" but dammit there are shiny things to collect!