Monty and Morgion 142: Filthy Lucre

02Sep05 (Monthenor): This is not the hardest game in the world. No, this is just a tribute to N the Ninja, one of the most difficult games I've ever seen. It is also not the long-awaited Stickicular Form from Morgion. We're still waiting.

Our cable TV finally disappeared yesterday, which leads me to believe that Cable One is going to try and get out of writing us a refund check. If we had already paid to the end of the month, why not just let us have until the end of the month? Oh, that's right, because we canceled the damn service.

The Internet is quickly making TV obsolete anyway. Why do we need fifteen news channels when I can create my own hard-hitting articles like I Fucking Hate the Bermuda Triangle and the No More Room in Hell Act? Those are both rewrites of uber-lame pages that already existed: compare to the old Bermuda Triangle and the old Hell Act. I think I win.