Monty and Morgion 141: Fridgelings

26Aug05 (Monthenor): Turns out that neither of us had spilled milk, but Morgion had spilled like an entire bottle of coffee cream down the back of the fridge while trying to shove a Pizza Hut box onto the shelf.

Before I get started with today's rant, I'd like to thank the guys on Wild Bill's Auto Repair Island for giving me shelter during yesterday's flash flood. Not that any of them were the type of guy to own a computer...but you were totally solid guys. I wish I had had beer in my trunk, have a little party until it stopped raining.

Modern multinational software corporations employ large marketing and PR departments. Most people think that this is to raise awareness of their products; as a man reasonably close to "the inside", I can tell you that it is actually to shield you from the developers. We all think you suck.

The open source movement, darling of the Intarweb Networks, has no such luxury. Developers are exposed to the corrosive air expelled by end users, and end users are able to see behind the curtain at the socially malformed freaks that make your technology go. For all the technical benefits of open source development, it is unfortunate that most laypersons must be exposed to what is essentially a global Biggest Penis competition.

If you have never browsed a forum and seen idiot users berated by asshole devs, if you have never used a piece of software that uses checkboxes like radio buttons, if you have never used a piece of software that uses high-level mathematical terms to describe functions such as "blur" and "curve" (I'm looking at you, GIMP), you are truly fortunate. For the rest of us, I present this new shirt.

Available in both normal and cheapskate versions.