Monty and Morgion 108: Cosplay Cubism

08Oct04 (Monthenor): Oops. The deadline sort of snuck up on me this week. See, I spent lots of my usual drawing time working on my thesis, trying to get my plucky little ninja animated (as above). 25x50 pixels has proven to be quite limiting. And then I was reminded that I'm leaving town this weekend to go do a Family Day college thing at my sister's new school, so...I'm out of time.

In the interest of putting up something gerbil-related, I whipped up a picture of Ruth Bader Ginsberg if she were a gerbil cosplaying as Goku on the steps of the Supreme Court building.

Hm, that wasn't a very good update. Tell you what, spend your weekend reading the history of the Transformers, G1 through Beast Machines.