GerbilMechs 096: One Word Explanation

22Jun04 (Monthenor): Those last three panels there have been planned out for over a year. The only question was how long it would take to arrive. Super Happy Manga Panel!!

The newest game fever to grip me is Battle for Wesnoth. Turn-based hex-grid strategy, open sourced for damn near every OS. The single player is actually hard without being stupidly so...and even after all the grief it's put me through so far I may have to go back and play it again. Important Note: "recall" does NOT recall units to the castle, it recalls units from previous missions so you can level them up more. This is made painfully necessary by mission three, which sucks because I didn't find out until mission five.

22Jun04 (Monthenor): I almost forgot to mention a couple of comics things that happened recently.

Demonology 101 has finished up its four-year run with over 700 pages of content. Art, script, and plot have all been top notch throughout. Now that it's done, you don't have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of an episode. Read it now!

Zebra Girl was the featured comic in Keenspot ads a couple days ago and I gave it a second shot. Second, I say? Yes, Zebra Girl joins Queen of Wands in the "comic I had to find twice" category. I only got a few strips into it last time before the messy lettering and repetitive gags turned me off. Yesterday I forced myself a bit farther, and it was like the clouds suddenly parted. This comic is completely insane on both sides of the "fourth wall". There's this one with tic-tac-toe...but no. Just go read it.