Monty and Morgion 096: Citrog the Mighty

02Jul04 (Monthenor): Citrog, the Dread Lord of Citrus, finally makes his way into a MM cameo. A friend of mine took pictures of his orange peel many months ago, which we all agreed was right up Food Satan's alley. Not that any of my impossible creations seem to do anything.

Took a week off, and look what happens! Links!

Most importantly, I figured out what GBU meant! While in Alex for alumni band, a DVD my dad had just received jogged my memory. GBU == The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! It is now written on my list with actual words so I don't forget again. This DVD edition is hot shit, with extra footage cut from the US version, extra extra footage cut from all versions (except the French trailer), and a bunch of behind-the-scenes and documentary shorts. I now know more than I ever wanted to about the Civil War backdrop for the movie, Sibley vs. Canby.

Ribbit King has come and gone. Once I figured out what all the different traps and trampolines did it was a pretty fun golf game. The story mode introduces you to some weird but ultimately loveable characters, like the panda who wishes he was in a fighting game, your sentient picnic basket sidekick, and a stoned princess being eaten by a fish hat. The game itself has you launching frogs from catapults in a completely golf-like manner, but instead of trying to reach the hole first you must rack up the highest score. Whoever has the highest point total at the end of four holes wins all the points. Towards this end you have to bounce frogs off of spider webs, pop point bubbles, and swim across lava on your way to the target. It's fun, but the computer has a tendency to play at or about a preschool level and then suddenly whip a huge combo out of their ass.

I cannot overstate how awesome Spider-Man 2 is. You need to go see this movie. See it for Tobey Maguire's portrayal of a man who can't escape his destiny, see it for Dr. Octopus' four little friends, see it for the screaming women, see it for the return of Kirsten Dunst's perky nipples. I don't care why, but you must see this movie.

I went to the local Vietnamese Market the other day, thanks to Vixen's love of spring rolls. I got some tasty wide wheat noodles and spicy Angry Cock sauce (not its real name, but the mascot is a rooster). These noodles don't make me gag, like ramen! Yay!