GerbilMechs 095: The Gift of Absence

15Jun04 (Monthenor):Transformers: Holy crap this game is good. I know I already gushed on Saturday, but after beating it I feel there is one more point to address. The "Recruit" difficulty level was perfect for someone who just wanted to beat the game in a rental period. I made steady progress through the (lamentably short) game, but each boss provided a challenge. Except Starscream 2. He was a pansy. But the others all literally came down to one hit, which seems like the best kind of balance there is. The enemy AI is no slacker, either. Even the weakest badguy will dive to avoid rockets and run for help if he's alone.

If you saw Optimus Prime bearing down on you with a huge laser rifle, wouldn't you run?

Next week's comic will contain a scene I've been waiting for for a loooong time.