Monty and Morgion 094: Irisoner to Blackaban

11Jun04 (Monthenor): Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is quite a departure from the first two movies, mostly due to the new director and his love of a single transition. It still rocked my casbah, but I could understand where Trenton wouldn't be too thrilled. I invite all of you to stay through the credits, at least until around the last Visual Unit and Soundtrack sections, and watch the lower-left corner. You tell me what those footprints are doing in the closet. No, really, tell me. I lead a sheltered life.

I haven't played very far along, but the new Transformers game is hot shit. Despite being based on the incredibly irritating Transformers: Armada (Pokemon, basically), despite using the new updated transforming sound instead of the nostalgiac 80's version, this game has rocked hardcore for two levels now. I'm playing on the sissiest difficulty, which thankfully isn't all that difficult, and every aspect of the game is perfect. I'm not a steady hand with the dual-joystick control yet, but that's my fault. And hell, you could just stand around all day in the Amazon with your buddy Optimus Prime, transforming from truck to robot and back again. It's soooo beautiful.