GerbilMechs 076 : Total Wash

27Jan04 (Monthenor): I realized on Saturday that I had forgotten to write a review for

DBZ: Budokai 2: It sucked. I sent it back the day after I got it. It asks you to invest hours of precious free time into unlocking characters who all play pretty much the same. Button-mashing is the key to mastering the fighting system. I was hoping the story mode or super-huge energy blasts might save it, but to do those energy blasts you must first...button mash. Even doing the highly technical and precise Fusion skills require that you beat on the enemy first. The star of the game, Goku, controls just as shoddily as Fat Buu. For those who are not fans of the show, it's like saying a Volkswagen Beetle steers like a Volkswagen bus. Totally. Lame.

That's not even a full review, is it? I should have written this up last week when the hurt was still fresh.