Monty and Morgion 075: Honey Bear

23Jan04 (Monthenor): Heh. Poor Morgion, it must seem awfully strange when my brain filters go down. The same portion of my psyche that creates impossible creatures occasionally gets write access to my vocal cords, and any little thing can send it on a journey of non sequitur. Such a small item as a Leinenkugel's ad at the Fargodome, overlooked by pretty much everyone else, can result in an uncomfortable silence in Morgion's car as he wonders if I'm about to become violent or start mooning trees or what have you.

That's actually Morgion's car, although I doubt it has ever been to Helsinki, Shinjuku, London, or Starry Night. I have been to Paris, but not with Plastic Transparent Honey Bear (her parents were hippies). And that's a poster for Pastel Defender Heliotrope, using an image created by AngelKitty21.

PDH the comic is still finding its feet, but PDH the Kamishibai play has been completed for many years now. I understand the Kamishibai player is Windows-only, which caused a little stir on the UJ forums last week...until Screwtape and I stepped in. I would recommend my Java player over his php converter, but I may be biased in that respect.