GerbilMechs 065 : All Your Sandwich

07Oct03 (Monthenor): I have recently come to the realization that graduate school is draining the life from me. At first it was merely amusement that grad school was no tougher -- indeed, no different -- from undergrad. Now it is a slow wearing against the soul. Each class competes to be my very worst class. A totally boring (and 50% tangential) database course for three hours every Monday evening vs. a completely MIS middle-management course at 0800 every Tuesday and Thursday vs. a seminar about something I almost care about but must write a very restricted presentation that the teacher can then steal for conference use next Spring. Each class is more painful than the last. Every single day you see me, it's on the worst class day of my life. It's makework. None of it is programming, very little is actually Computer Science concepts, and even less is new.

I should see if I can ditch this school thing and still keep my awesome job.