Monty and Morgion 058: Almost True Tales of Ownership

22Aug03 (Monthenor): For those who haven't heard yet, I ordered an iBook on Wednesday. I was aided in my nearly-impulse purchase by the use of Morgion's laptop (pictured above) and Vixen's high-limit airline-miley credit card. I am forever in her debt, except not really because I'll be cutting a check for her in about a week.

Can I even say "cutting a check"? I rip them out of the little book, and that doesn't seem like the same thing. There's no cutting involved.

Along with my 14" iBook I'm getting a $69 (after rebate) 10GB iPod and a $0 (after rebate) printer. I would list the name of the printer, but I neither know nor care. If you want details, you can check the eBay auction it will undoubtedly end up in. The total cost of the system, even after rebates and auctions, is more money than I've spent in quite some time. The idea that an expenditure of this size could happen (almost) as depicted in the comic (almost) scares me. Clearly I cannot be trusted with my own money, and require the services of a sugar momma. Applications to your left.

Ain't nothing can stop me from dancing, however. Monty's getting an iBook, yeah yeah. I have a really funky melody, and it's all for free.

When I originally typed the title for this comic, my brain helpfully provided "ownzership". I caught it, thankfully, but I shudder to think that I have traveled that far down the path of the scr1p7 k1DD13.