GerbilMechs 004 : Teamwork

25Jun02 (Monthenor): Hurrah for plot! I'm trying something new yet again with this comic, and no, I don't mean that I forgot to draw people's mouths when they're speaking. That's just me being forgetful. No, I mean this is the first comic to actually be drawn on one piece of paper. All the other have been sketched on at least two sheets, then composited and scaled in the GIMP. I was worried that doing it the "all-or-nothing" way wouldn't leave room for speech balloons, but it turned out pretty damn well. I only lost the feet at the bottom of panel 5, and I've already made sure it won't happen again.

So what does this mean for GerbilMechs? Probably cleaner-looking comics, with better sense of place and timing. It could mean that Wai is VERY important to GMechs. It could also mean the advent of our Morgion-born comic submission/posting system. Oh wait, no it doesn't :P

In meatspace news, Achaea still holds a deathgrip upon my waking hours in a way I have not seen since the MUD Edge of Time (to anyone who played that MUD, SARDONYX OWNZ J00!). I defeated Castlevania 64 with Reinhardt, stomping what seemed like TEN different incarnations of Dracula, the goofiest of which had to be SPOILER the 50-foot tall millipede-dragon that breathed fire and threw sand ENDSPOILER. So now I'm going to run through with Carrie and see what all I missed. I hear her stages are cooler.

Oh, and the beta hotseat version of Tryslmaistan Chess from Unicorn Jelly is also pretty neat, in a Sir Bombalot kind of way.

Ooooo, before I forget. I'd come back on, let's say...Saturday? Saturday work for you? There might be something you should see here :) Neko-jaabiru wai!!

18Jun02 (Morgion): Morgion shall update soon. Veeeery soon. Sleep comes first, though.