GerbilMechs 003 : Teamwork

18Jun02 (Monthenor): Well, here's my attempt at some action and stuff. It didn't turn out too badly, IMO, although the lighting effect in the middle panel could probably use a facelift... We also see the power of the nanites used for something other than crushing alarm clocks. I only wish I had time to animate an example of the fluid *glomp* of the nanites onto skin, but all you get are those wiggly things above.

This comic *does* have the distinction of being the first comic put through my shiny new scanner :) Hurrah for self-sufficiency! My new hard drive also arrived, so I have plenty of empty space if I ever get back to my old AMV project.

I really should know better than to start up a webcomic...I already have a half-finished AMV, a completely unfinished remix of Kung-Fu music, and plenty of games to wade through. Not to mention keeping up on all those other webcomics. Life is rough, eh? </pissmoan>

Lessee...apartment news, apartment news...well, Morgion picked up Castlevania 64 on the cheap from our local Software Etc. It's a game I would have never looked twice at on my own, but I'm paying for my arrogance now. This is simply a wonderful little 3D take on the Castlevania series. The joy of cracking my whip at those damnable medusa heads cannot be overstated.

Um, what else. Oh yeah: whatever you do, don't go to Don't even try to play the greatest MUD in existence. IT WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!!! Or at least your afternoons.