Off-Topic 022: Holiday Filler 2005

21Dec05 (Monthenor): Aaaaaand I'm outta here! GerbilMechs will wrap up in January, and then I will be free.

I've received some...interesting feedback about my Chemu release. For some people it would run for a while, then stall (fixed that). For some people, it wouldn't start at all (fixed that). For some, they needed to enable the Java console before it would run (have no idea what that could mean). Anyway, you can all delete that busted old copy of Chemu and download the fresh, peppy new version -- right-click and Save As. This one runs through Java Web Start, so every time you start it it'll look at the GerbilMechs site and download the latest version. When somebody tells me that their ninja got stuck in a wall (not bloody likely) or that room 86 is physically impossible (uh...far more likely) I can upload the change and you'll get it right away. Sweet.