Off-Topic 017: Slow News Day

Download the 1MB video! (Uses the DivX video codec)
Download the movie over BitTorrent!

22Apr05 (Monthenor): This is going to be, like, the best day ever.

  • Of course, the Fark VideoEdit goes live at some point. After seven years in Fargo and four before that in Alexandria MN, I know what a slow news day looks like. And then I just threw in some racial slurs for fun.
  • Kung Fu Hustle is airing in the Fargo Theatre. Shit yeah!!
  • I even have a new timeattack, for the inimitable Kiwi Kraze. Y'all remember how timeattack movies work?
  • Morgion's copy of Settlers of Catan has finally arrived so he can get his fix. And there will be drinking. Drinking and thick cream-cheese-pesto-tomato dip. Hmmm...maybe that's not such a hot combination.
  • I almost forgot! My latest task at work is to make a special admin client that is designed to break the hell out of Dollar Bay. Thousands of simultaneous connections, moving a hundred people into one room, DDOS stuff. I can't wait!