GerbilMechs 132: Specification

26Apr05 (Monthenor): Hm, that cat didn't turn out too bad. A little beefy, but passable.

Ooo, guess what I did over the weekend!

Get totally hammered and watch six twenty-something men utterly annihilate a cream cheese dip log while playing Settlers of Catan until 3AM? That was an excellent guess.

Finish another run at Kiwi Kraze and a program to look at the frame-by-frame contents of the movie file? Another fine guess!

Give up? I updated the store! By request all the funny is now on the front of the shirt, with any branding on the shoulders. There's also an update to the Paranormal Events shirt (to rework that totally lame ghost) and a new super-special Settlers of Catan shirt. CafePress has changed their zoom-in function since the last time I was there...the old one just put up the full-size image, but I guess they had trouble with hotlinking or something because the new one opens a popup and makes the image look horrible and jagged. This is what passes for an "upgrade" at CafePress. I assure you the shirts will actually look a little more like this.