Monty and Morgion 099: King of Beasts

23Jul04 (Monthenor): Ded Kitty Hed is just the gift that keeps on giving. Here he co-stars in an illustrated approximation of a Cubivore diary entry. In the game you would read something very much like this in a blank screen like the first and last panels. All game screenshots were provided by these very nice people at Planet GameCube, an attribution I'm forced to make because I had to remove their watermarks.

I, Robot was surprisingly good. Not that, on an absolute scale, it's a good movie. No, it's more that my expectations for an Isaac Asimov/Will Smith cross were so very very low that it was easy to exceed them. I can recommend this film because it is a competent action film married to a classic Three Laws Conflict plot. Aside from some sick-making camera spins it's a pretty good movie, and I must respect it for keeping a super-cool plot twist secret. Never EVER hinted in the commercials, yet integral to the movie. Other directors (cough cough George Lucas) would do well to emulate this.