GerbilMechs 100: Primary Function

27Jul2004 (Monthenor): R-Type Final: I continue my long streak of never beating any RType game I play. This game was pretty, difficult, and featured over 100 ships for me to unlock. After throttling it down to Kids difficulty (just one notch down from Normal) I managed to get most of the way through the single-player game, unlock a few different ships, and have a grand ol' time.

A couple of days later I was planning on finally sitting through the whole thing. With a couple of the later ships I had unlocked plus my nearly four hours of play in the early game, I figured I could power through it in another three hours. Of course, I was operating under the assumption that the game had saved my progress. That's right. Somehow, in my previous afternoon-long play session, the game had failed to notice that I had a memory card and that I perhaps might want to save what I had done. Nothing was saved. Nothing. No warning.

Fuck you, R-Type. You win. Is that what you wanted to hear? Fine.