Monty and Morgion 092: GBU

29May04 (Monthenor): Please forgive the lateness, I literally didn't get time to do this comic until this morning. Work will probably slow down a little now. This shouldn't happen again.

Whatever GBU is/was, it was important enough to write on my shopping list but not important enough to write out in full. Have you ever walked into Wal-Mart with nothing but initials? Because Wal-Mart has many many candidates for any set of initials...and then you end up with a giant blue ukelele in your living room.

The Day After Tomorrow was awesome. It's already slated for next Saturday's comic. Everybody knows that it's basically "weather takes over the world"...but it's so hilariously inept! Yes, okay, it's pretty, but this is possibly the worst foreshadowing I've seen in a movie. Completely pointless scenes are shoehorned into the narrative just for silly little bits of "foreshadowing". The scientific baby-talk only just avoids pandering down to the level of The Core.

29May2004 (Monthenor): Big trouble coming. Our apartment just received the cast-off fridge remnants of Justice, who's moving out east and then south and then to the MOON. We're talking mystery sausages, "Pork Country Style", and a bewildering array of spicy and barbeque sauces. Food Satan rejoices.