Monty and Morgion 068: El Diablo Robotica

07Nov03 (Monthenor): This is a pretty dense comic for only four panels. We start off with an Aqua Teen reference, of course. Then we have the concept of Satan building a robot, an idea played for laughs in this week's Angel. The robot itself is styled like an Orbital Frame from Zone of the Enders. And it's dialogue isn't a horrible typo by me, that's how they talk in the game. Every other line just...isn't...right. Who wouldn't want a cute little Ra-bot?

Zone of the Enders was a mighty fine game, by the way. Getting past the stupid dialogue, there's great fun in dashing around in all three dimensions and slicing the hell out of enemy mechs. It's the closest I've ever come to the frantic mecha duels on TV. Also, that pod on the front? That's where the pilot sits. You may make your "cockpit" jokes now.

On Easy difficulty I powered through the whole game in about four and a half hours, which is just about right. They don't pad the missions with lots of boring walking around. Once you take control, dozens of robots start flying at you from every which way. It was like playing a poor man's Shinobi, where you just start flying and pound the dash/sword buttons, praying that the enemies will align themselves to their doom. Also, there are billions of lasers and missiles and puffs of smoke that are obscuring the view, so button mashing is sometimes the only way to progress. The last boss in particular has literally hundreds of tiny metal hexagons rotating around a power reactor and himself, just because he can.

The plot? Bah...standard stuff, you find an Egyptian-styled super mech and must stop Phobos from blowing up you/Mars/the solar system. I'm not kidding.

Thumbs up, but not a game you'd want to buy forever and ever.

Morgion // 11.01.03 - 15.24

I couldn't find a sound file of Dr. Weird saying "Gentlemen!"—so I made one. Care to watch the Aqua Teen Hunger Force pilot episode, Rabbot? Shh, don't tell Cartoon Network.

Today has been productive… if I redefine "productive". It has been entertaining, however, thanks to the Church Sign Generator (Mmm, sacrilicious!), and a lot of other generator pages.

I do remember enough Spanish to know it probably should have been "El Robotica Diablo", but the Angel script writers screwed it up first, so what ya gonna do? Not a Ra-damned thing, that's what.