Monty and Morgion 054: Last Theme Standing

18Jul03 (Monthenor): This comic is, of course, the logical extension of Disney's recent thematic trend. While sitting around waiting for Pirates to start, Passer and Morgion had a little chat about how great this Epcot movie could be, and how its greatness would be offset by the inevitable "Small World" theme movie. And I'd probably go see Epcot Strikes Back before I see Haunted Mansion, I tell ya what.

There's a series that has been recommended to me for years, but since most of these recommendations came from my mother ("Go see Ice Age, it's so cute", "Have you seen the Grinch yet?") I pretty much ignored them. I'm paying for my insubordination now. Next Friday, Spy Kids 3D opens, and I absolutely have to see it. Not because it's Spy Kids, but because they're actually handing out 3D glasses. The infamous Fr13th 3D movie showed me pretty much why 3D died a horrible cinematic death. I'm curious as to why/how anybody could resurrect it at this late date. So this of course means I'm renting the first two Spy Kids sometime in the next week, and all I'm getting from my too cool for words friends is a bunch of rolled eyes and disgusted tsking sounds. Even from Morgion, who isn't historically known for his good taste *cough*13Ghosts*cough*. But I will see the 3D movie in theaters, no matter the subject, because I may never get the chance again. So there.

Also, important update: I was just informed by my brother that this hideous site I linked Thursday is also actually a prank. Seems the whole Landover Baptist thing, and the sites that don't like it one bit, are part of a prank ring. Good. I mean, I don't particularly care to be pranked twice in one week, and post it here for all to see, but both times I erred on the side of cynicism. Both times, it was revealed to me that no, perhaps humanity is not quite as disgustingly petty and ignorant as I would believe. I am apparently very naive in my cynicism, and must be more careful in the future to only feel disgusted and depressed at those things which actually happen to real people in reality.

Of course, such things are also subject to ridicule.