Monty and Morgion 051: Labyrinth

28Jun03 01:37 AM (Monthenor): AAARGBLBL MONTY NEED SLEEP! If you want to know why this comic is so late, it's because a lot of art time on Thursday was spent on...well...I'll give you a hint. It's warm-blooded, lays eggs, attacks with a claw/claw/bite for 1d4/1d4/3d6 damage, and turns opponents to stone!

Give up? A Platyplisk!

It's not funny because it's true.
Morgion // 06.28.03 - 12.37

At the very least it's slightly less funny. Usually I am a proponent of the opposite position, but since it's me in this case… well, you understand.

I received my laptop back on Thursday, after shipping it off on Tuesday. That would have been even more impressive if they would have actually fixed the freaking scrape on the screen! They went through the trouble of replacing Part Number 603-0192, Top Housing Subassy, 15.2—probably to fix the blue pixelation weirdness, but a side-effect is that a few "cosmetic defects" (scratches) in the LCD casing were replaced, and yet the scrape remained.

When I spoke with my Friendly Neighborhood Apple-Certified Technician, he said he'd call Apple and get the details. Except there were no details to be had, because my Case File didn't contain any. Oh, it has minutia of who I spoke with and to whom I was transferred, but no meat, no substance, no fucking record of the hours I spent on the phone with them!

On the upside, my PowerBook has been shipped in again, and will completely fixed this time, thanks to my FNACT. Also, this will make a great story for Apple Customer Service… and if they don't care, an even better story for Slashdot.

Double Feature: A thinking-man's zombie movie and Hot Chicks Kicking, Again
Morgion // 06.28.03 - 13.00

The perfect description for 28 Days Later. At times it's even artsy. Don't be fooled by the poor film quality that's distinctly British; you become accustomed to it, and it definitely enhances the mood. Also, don't be hoping for a lot of explanation. Although the trailers have thoughtfully outlined a timeline of events—Day 1, Exposure; Day 3, Infection; Day 7.04, Judgment Day… oh, wait—it's all lies. You witness how the infection escapes, and loosely what it is, and then boom, it's 28 Days Later, and it's survive-the-aftermath time.

It starts out strong with frightful enemies and entertaining sub-goals… but then you get to what is apparently the Boss Level. Except it feels more like the Waiting Area Outside of the Office of the Vice-President of Weak Plots. There's still plenty of action, but it's not as grandiose as one would expect from an Armageddon flick; but I guess it is British. Whatever that means. Anyway, it's a good movie (not even a good-bad movie), so go see it.

But don't let it get in your way of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. This is a movie to drool for. Hot chicks, impossibly cool action, a freaking hot clone of Demi Moore… oh, wait, I'm being told that's the real Demi Moore! Hot damn! It's jam-packed with way more action than the first one, and even though I had some initial doubts, the movie gently chided me, then smacked me in the face with bare-booty beauty in triplicate. That shows me, I guess.

However, there is a significant downfall to the film. Bernie fucking Mac. His IMDB headshot should explain it all. After you squint and wince through the scenes with him, though, it's the top-notch over-the-top film you expect.

Go see 28 Days Later and CA:FT now. But save some money for next week… and the week after, and the week after the week after that. *drool*