GerbilMechs 051 : A Bright Future

24Jun03 (Monthenor): Well, that looks like a good place to end GerbilMechs, doesn't it? Come back next week for a completely different comic project of mine, coincidentally also named GerbilMechs and arbitrarily numbered from 52.

Seriously, the next chapter will probably last quite a bit longer than Chapter One. It deals with both the captivity of Bodie and the Carl/Wai investigation into the inner workings of GerbilMechs Incorporated. Chapter Three is, right now, looking like the last chapter and almost purely action.

FedEx has a reputation for being overly zealous in their deliveries. If you're not home, they're just as happy to give it to a suitemate or neighbor and call it done. I thought that delivering a package to a random dorm student was bad enough, but I think today Airborne Express won the crown. I was on my way to Wal-Mart at about 10:30 and found a package for Morgion sitting on top of our building's mailboxes. This area is outside the security doors. Any random bonerhead could walk by and take this box. And unless AE showed up between 9:30 and 9:50 this morning, they didn't even bother to ring our buzzer. Winners!