Monty and Morgion 041: Hydrophobic

11Apr03 (Monthenor): Minor comic things: this is an exaggeration. I am still cleaning myself and my dishes. Also, I don't want to blast Wind Waker with supernatural fury...yet. And I'm very sorry for the camera angles, but that picture from the side is literally the last thing my camera did before running out of battery juice this morning. I only had one fresh AA in the house, so we're stuck with it.

So let me share this bizarre train of thought with you. Yesterday (Thursday, which is actually today right now but I'm writing this down before I forget) I was reading Mimi Smartypants, and the comment at the end about the shizzolator got me thinking. I remembered this book I have called Kid Shenanigans. To a young teen, it is truly one of the Greatest Books Ever Written. Among all the lame jokes and silly trivia that adults think kids like there are truly useful tips on such varied topics as Sneaking Around, Snapping Belt Loops But Not Really, and Fun Things To Do With Raw Eggs. There was also a section on made-up languages to defeat eavesdropping adults. Pig Latin is, yes, totally lame, but there was something called Oppish wherein you insert "op" after every syllable. I then spent the next half hour trying to say "lepidoptery" in Oppish.

Haircut from the 10th Circle of Hell
04.11.03 (Morgion)

Yes, I know there are traditionally nine circles of Hell; it's exaggeration to emphasize my plight. No, this is not some B-movie that I'm going to watch or inflict on others. This is, sadly, what currently rests atop my cranium.

Little tip: if your barber is out for two days with debilitating and energy-sapping stomach cramps, don't visit them the day they come back to work. No good will come of it. Well, maybe a rant topic for your pseudo-blog, but little else.

When dry, it looks like a sad, miniature version of a flat top. That's right, I've got MC Hammer hair… Just call me MC Cracker. The good news is that's only when it's dry; it's passable when appropriately gelled. Also a plus, my hair grows extremely quickly; the more visible flaws should be erased within a week.

And if you see me on a daily or semi-weekly basis, this conversation never happened.

Now is the time on GerbilMechs when we make fun of the underdog! </Dieter of Sprockets>. Yahoo is streamlining their interface. Will it make them suck less? Probably not; most of Slashdot doesn't think so either. Even if they do clean up their interface, bloat and suck have a way of creeping back into a site. But that's ~never~ happened to one of my sites. ;-) Maybe their purchase of Inktomi will help bail them out. *snicker*

I'll leave you with some info on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the movie. Since my "director's cut" of this post is 765 words long, I'll take their lead and chop it in half (possibly into thirds) and save the rest for next week.

Oh, and one more thing. This comic is the most realistic of all the M&M's on so many levels. Heh.