GerbilMechs 042 : At the Wrong Time

15Apr03 (Monthenor): Yowza, didja catch that new Buffy? Wow. Oh yeah, and 11 panels in today's comic. A winner is me!

Oh, and thank you to Honda's ad people for being so stubborn.

And now, since I have finally played through Zelda and come out relatively unscathed...the review.

Recycle Your Posts; Save the Planet!
04.16.03 (Morgion)

This is the second half of my previous, excruciatingly-long M&M post, conveniently sectioned for your viewing pleasure. With any luck, there will be no degradation of coherence. Or, at least no more than usual.

One additional note; you may have noticed that my link text is very detailed. After spending so much time researching search engine optimization, I've become wise in the ways of Google PageRank and keyword optimization. Plus, it's a great usability enhancement. Unfortunately, all of my optimized links are now sucking PageRank away from GerbilMechs. Doh.

Moving on, Monthenor sent me this charming hilarity earlier: The Horror of Blimps by Scylla. It reminded me of something Glothar might do. ;-)

I have no idea why, but it reminded me of advice I received in childhood. (Most likely my Brain Committee was bored and decided to have the File Moneky pull everything related to "blimp". When they were done admiring the flaming Hindenberg, this came up for review, and the Committee quickly called a recess.)

If you're going to give balloons to a friend in the hospital who has been horribly disfigured in an accident—and doesn't know it—don't give them a Mylar one; the back is usually highly reflective. I'll let you draw your own tragic conclusions. I think TV told me this (Unsolved Mysteries, if the File Monkey's annotations are correct), and don't ask anything else; I don't know.

Now for the part of the post where I pander to the whims, needs, and idle postulations of you, GerbilMech's faithful. Even the semi-faithful.

For lovers of Apple and Macs, and especially PowerBook owners, drool over the ACME MADE PowerBook iCover. Ummm… micro suede… They also have some pretty sexy covers for PC Monitors, iMacs, and Cinema Displays.

Also, iComic downloads web comics for browsing offline. I checked out the web comic application competition at VersionTracker, and only Comictastic comes close; it has a much simpler method of parsing new comics, compared to iComic's plugin-authoring requirements. However, this is a case where the slickest interface wins; iComic gets my vote. As soon as this site has been beaten into conformity, i'll author a plugin for GerbilMechs. Great, another thing to turn up the pressure.

For those who wonder why Monty is always the first to post, it's because he cheats. Well, maybe "cheats" isn't quite right. He posts the comic, so he obviously gets first crack.

For those who assumed I don't post first because I'm more of a slacker than Monty… *cackle* You obviously don't know Monty very well. ;-)

For those who wish to submit comments to GerbilMechs such as, "Hey, Morgion, WTF? Where are you?", I'm working on it. Until then you must continue to hurtle memes in my direction to spur a post.