GerbilMechs 121: Beauty Sleep

01Feb05 (Monthenor): Oy, where did I leave off? 1435 on Friday?

Friday, 1530: Morgion shuttled me down to Collision Experts. They couldn't tow my car right away, but the guy went over to the Border Cities lot and did an estimate right there. What a pal! The total for all parts and labor to restore my beloved vehicle came to...wait for it...$3 491.37. On a car generously valued at $240.

I laughed for a while.

1640: I paid off Border Cities and double-checked that my car would get towed on Saturday.

2048: I did another car search just for kicks and found a new listing in the Fargo area. This car is now on the very highest top of my list. Let's just say it'd be a suitable replacement for an 84 Caprice Classic.

Saturday, 1500: I hadn't heard nothing from nobody, nohow. In preparation for the coming storm, I downloaded and skimmed all the forms required for small claims court.

Sunday, 1215: I did some VIN history checks at AutoCheck, which is more fun than I thought it'd be. My happy super-car once again comes out on top with a sedentary small-town history. The others all involve Florida somehow.

1250: Left a message with Ms. Cause's mom.

Monday, 1600: Somebody finally called me back!! Ms. Cause's mom returned my voicemail and said she called Integon back on Thursday. So...her insurance company has waited three days (and counting) to call us back? Hmmm...

Tuesday, 1445: Mrs. D hadn't heard anything from Integon by this point.

And now everybody's caught up. I hope you're getting sick of reading about my car troubles, because I'm sick of typing about it. This is just insane...I though car accidents got solved quickly. Morgion's crash was resolved faster than this, and his party-at-fault didn't speak a damn word of English!

01Feb05 (Monthenor): And oh yeah, the comic reached another increment of 30, which means a new index page/splash image! Compared to that crap I whipped up last time, this new one is way cool. Awesome to the max!

I also spent some time updating all the up-arrow links. Yes, all of them. Each group of 30 now points to the index page for that group. For instance, the very first comic no longer links all the way to the latest index.