Monty and Morgion 104: Marked for Death

11Sep04 (Monthenor): Morgion and I were in a car crash two weeks ago Thursday, on our way to pick up Justice for pre-wedding errands. A middle-aged Chinese man totally ran a stop sign up near the airport and totaled Morgion's car. Morgion got gashed on his arm and a small bruise on his head, but otherwise we were fine. The Chinese man looked fine too, considering his license plate was up by his windshield and his airbags hadn't deployed. As far as we know the ceramic snowman wasn't involved, but we still know precious little about the ceramic snowman.

Morgion has been dealing with all sorts of insurance calls and car shopping since then, but he got his new ride two days ago. I hope that signals an end to the madness...because I think it's time to start making jokes about it. Racially insensitive things like being marked for death by the Triads. Not that I haven't been saying these things, of course, but I've been trying to keep it to a minimum.