GerbilMechs 113: Whipping Girl Done Wrong

23Nov2004 (Monthenor): Oh man, already? Looks like it's Thanksgiving this week, so I won't have a comic ready for Saturday. I think I'm ready to say "screw it" to the synchronized comic numbering and just do comics when I can. It's silly to delay GM each time I have weekend plans.

This may very well be the best song/video combination ever made. Rilo Kiley's "It's a Hit" is good, but this is newer. Get me?

23Nov2004 (Monthenor): I managed to squeeze a couple extra minutes out of my camera batteries, enough to upload the travel pics. I hate cameras.

Independence Hall, the birthplace of our nation, as seen from the Liberty Bell enclosure. Contrary to popular belief, our nation's birthplace is not in the middle of a blasted desert caught between two warring factions.

The Liberty Bell itself was much smaller than I pictured it. For comparison, here is the lovely Pezchik posing with the bell. (Pezchik, if you want that picture taken down, just tell me...gord knows I don't post my face around here) I figured out later that my flawed conception of the bell's size is probably based on -- please don't laugh -- the large bell in the background of M. Bison's stage.

This is probably my favorite picture, a simple sign posted in the subway. It makes me sad to think that there are people who would require a sign like this. Maybe it's International Standard Symbolism for "You are smaller than a train, dumbass."