GerbilMechs 061 : Emoting

09Sep03 (Monthenor): Bigotry is an appetite suppressant.

10Sep03 (Monthenor): Something bizarre happened to Proteus (my ICQ/MSN/Yahoo IM client). I tried to switch all the default fonts to Alpabe (from Unicorn Jelly) because Alpabe rocks, and it worked. Then I put Galaxy to sleep, ran some errands, and then woke Galaxy up. When ICQ reconnected, my font had mysteriously changed to some form of Chinese. Contact list, messages, away status, everything. And worst of all, I couldn't change it back. I even went in and edited the Contact List file by hand, but every time ICQ reconnected it overwrote everything with Chinese.

I'm now back up and running with Fire, which I pray will not be Hacked By Chinese.

Now I'm going to 'spload your computer for violating my copyright.
Morgion // 09.10.03 - 10.06

*clear throat* Monty, where exactly did you hear "Hacked By Chinese" in relation to your failed IM client hax0ring? Oh, yes, that's right, from me. *sigh* It's often difficult to track who's inspiration leads to which particular elements of GerbilMechs, but let's try not to blur the lines when we know for certain, hmm? Or so help me, I'll sick Orrin Hatch on your ass.

Monty was sitting on the couch in the living room, lamenting the loss of his native language. (Not that the Alpabe runes are legible to begin with. To prove my point, Monty himself thinks that dark contracts to summon Great Old Ones are the perfect place for this "font".) I asked him, "You know what this means, right?"

His reply (which was so forgettable I had to ask him what it was): "That I'm [ thoroughly | completely ] boned?" (See, he doesn't even remember what it was.) To which I replied with the infamous, "No, you've been Hacked By Chinese!"

Here endeth the lesson. Monty, my lawyers will be contacting you shortly, and the Computer Forensics team will stop by this afternoon to collect your laptop.

10Sep03 (Monthenor): Morgion, the ass, does bring up a good point. Very little of the GerbilMechs plot can actually be considered original with me, not the least of which is because Morgion's offhanded comment started the whole idea. When all is said and done, GerbilMechs will have a little Hamtaro, some Gundam 08th MS Team, an Evangelion section, a dash of Sailor Moon, and probably some Tenchi Muyo. However, these are merely influences, and the combination of such will make it an original work. Right?

I hope I didn't just give away the ending.

Also, I must quote from Morgion yet again, this time with proper attribution: "Or so help me, I'll sick (sic) Orrin Hatch on your ass." That may be the only time I ever get to make that particular editing joke, so I had to go for it.

The Way of the Geek: Better Than Pay-Per-View.
Morgion // 09.10.03 - 11.43

See, this is exactly why web comics like GerbilMechs work so well. Monty and I are each other's foil (in almost every sense of the word). One of us sets it up, the other knocks it down; like construction and demolition companies, pin-setters and bowlers, tall towers and airplanes… oh, I'm going to hell for that one.

You get so much more than pretty pictures and the three-panel motif/religion of Setup… um, Step Two… and One-Liner Conclusion. Put two geeky roommates together in virtual form and they'll beat each other to death with specialized knowledge and minutia. Best of all, the whole wired world gets to watch. It may not be better than Cinemax, but it blows the pants off WWF.

Now I should actually do some work since I'm at work. I'm not freeloading off the government like Monty's boss. *kick* You know where that's going.

10Sep03 (Monthenor): That's WWE, thank you very much. They are no longer a loose Federation of steroided morons. They are entertainment.

And this post is the most productive item to come out of my Oit meeting today. Freeloading indeed!

I didn't start the "last word" fight, but I will finish it.
Morgion // 09.10.03 - 12.34

I will decide what is entertainment, thank you very much. Just like I don't believe it when TNT says "We Know Drama" and then tries to convince me that Demolition Man is a "New Classic". *ptooey*

I'm now going back to work. No one has won anything in this thread. You cannot "win" a conversation, no matter how hard you try (regardless of conflicting statements I may have made in the past that do not support my case in this instance). A conversation is a cooperative endeavor.

Unless of course this is an argument. If it is, I will change my tactics, and bring home some glitter and syringes. Then I will be the undisputed champion; it's kinda hard for Monty to fight back when he's curled up in a little ball and quivering.

10Sep03 (Monthenor): Conflicting statements like this one? Oh, forgive me, that was an article, not a thread.

And now for something entertaining.
Morgion // 09.11.03 - 06.46

Actually, I was referring to conflicting statements where I claimed to "win" a conversation… not one of the countless times I've mocked you for trying to do so. Unfortunately, since <sarcasm type="dripping">this</sarcasm> is not valid HTML, you may have missed that *snicker* "subtle" tone in my comments. Seems fitting that you should also reference another instance where I chastise you and your boss for wasting time and squandering grant money, respectively. *kick kick*

Moving on to something of merit, Firefly has a chance to be resurrected! Also, Joss will also make his "feature directorial debut" on the project; we will simultaneously love and loathe him for it, as we do for all his work. Love for his wit, loathe for the evil things he puts his characters through and the cliffhangers that leave us in the lurch.

I have similar feelings toward Dimension Films. They help to create much crap, and even though they are working on some potentially good films like Necropolis, they simultaneously stifle films like Wes Craven's projects: American McGee's Alice and Fountain Society. "The studio's feeling… turned us into a movie that was just basically a chase movie…". Not to mention the problems with Cursed; "Dimension Films halted production in June and ordered a script rewrite."

This September 11, Fark news is especially rewarding (since all the other "news" will be two years old). "CDs dipped in beer play new music. RIAA preparing lawsuits against Heineken, Budweiser, and Drew".

When I have more money than god, I will go to Master Replicas and squander it on a shiny phaser to perpetuate my fantasies, and it will be good.