Off-Topic 020: Managerial!

04Nov05 (Monthenor): Have I mentioned lately how much my job rules? Check out what I've been working on lately! You may notice a similarity with a certain arcade game from days of yore. Of course, we're not supposed to be pirating even those most ancient arcade games...but if we were, we would open up that zip file with some form of arcade emulator.

Why does my job rock so hard? Well, this started about a month ago when my boss expressed a wish for more minigames in Dollar Bay. The zero-fun climate of American public schools made us hide take out the Dollar Bay Casino, so there was nowhere left to fritter away a few minutes if your store was well-stocked. Boogieman's Asteroids clone was good, but it had nothing to do with economics or managing a store.

The idea being kicked around was "some sort of, maybe, targeted flyer distribution thing. Like, you have to hit the pedestrians with your ad, but only the pedestrians in your demographic." I don't know why I thought of Tapper when I heard that, but I did. And now here it is. You can play it. Do I need anything else?

I know, there are a few things I still need to work on:

  • Some shelves or something on the left side.
  • Sounds. Anybody out there in comic-land want to do some simple peppy game music?
  • "Cancelled sales". In Tapper, patrons left tips that you had to run and collect. As it stands now there's no reason for you to be able to run left and right, but it seems sporting that I let you run and grab a product you fired accidentally.
  • Very occasional graphics glitches along the top and right sides

But, c'mon, Tapper. And I get to play it and say it's work.