Off-Topic 019: Furries and Food

21Jun05 (Monthenor): Fark VideoEdit lands sometime on Wednesday: "VideoEdit the trailer for an unlikely summer blockbuster." As always, I have the movie and a torrent up. I have to say, this idea looked a lot cooler in my head with the stock CG explosions.

As is usual, I already have the entire idea for the movie floating in my head. See, Kitsune is the rough gruff black detective who lets his gun do his talking. Sammich is the up-and-coming young detective who just transferred/was promoted. El Conjugator (which you absolutely must say with an overemphasized Spanish "j" sound) is the local crimelord/supervillain, the Prince of Improper Prose. That van in the trailer is probably a front company for some sort of drug smuggling. It pretty much writes itself from there.

GM will be up Saturday.