Off-Topic 016: Inmates Running the Deep-Fryer

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18Mar05 (Monthenor): "As a grad student, "spring break" means even less to me than "weekend" does...each day of slack flows into the next. Nevertheless, it is tradition for me to not leave the apartment and play shit-tons of video games and that is precisely what I plan to do."

Remember when I wrote that? The answer is "last week". My spring break has perhaps not worked out exactly as I had planned, but it's still pretty sweet. I'll explain.

Last weekend was great. I couldn't be distracted with any work or comics because my PC was down, so I played Dark Cloud 2 and stayed up late. Perfect. Then, on Monday, I saw this Fark thread. Yes! Another VideoEdit! And after my new CPU fan came in on Monday, the rest of my week was totally shot making an entire ad campaign for a fictional eating establishment.

Once again, every single piece of these videos was done by me. The images, the animation, the music...I whistled The Stranger and sang a techno rave of Insanity for you people!

You'll recall I went all-out for the last one, but the lateness of my entry meant very few people got to see it. Like, 300 people, compared to the huge number of hits I'd been warned about.

Not this time, though. This time I don't have any plan to be anywhere on Monday, and I'm gonna hit that thread ASAP. That's where you come in. I'm gonna need help, right? If you're here on a day I declared Spring Break, you're already an obsessive GM fan. What you need to do is download the movies through the direct link, unzip them, and then set up that torrent file to help seed on Monday.

Only you can prevent server fires.

Oh, and I created the movies in alphabetical order, so maybe you should even watch them that way. Whatever. Was I insane enough?