Off-Topic 012: Chemistry Ninja

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21Jan05 (Monthenor): There comes a time in every grad student's life when he says, "Hey, self, maybe I should get cracking on my big school project thing." As part of my big school project thing requires artwork to advance the story, I decided to put my art time this week towards my degree.

Not that you all get shafted, oh no. I'm not going to shirk the responsibility I have to my (probably) twenty fans. My thesis is going to rule hard enough that I can post the art right here and nobody's going to mind. Go ahead. Read through the links above. If you're not ready to learn some chemistry after that, you have no spark within you.

Pages one through three of the prologue are posted now. Pages four and five will be coming some time over the weekend...I hope.

23Jan05 (Monthenor): After tweaking the dialogue a bit I only ended up with half of page five, so I just stuck it on the bottom of four. Done with the prologue! I appreciate your patience, which I am only imagining because I have no forum in which you may lambaste me. Suckers!