Monty and Morgion 148: The Brotherhood of Irritating Mutants

21Oct05 (Monthenor): It's a wonder Morgion and I played the game as long as we did, 'cause goddamn I'm annoying. The Nightcrawler antics were surpassed only after unlocking Ironman and discovering his Frenetic Aerial Ballet, a spinning and grunting whirlwind of jet boots and kicking.

X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse: This game is totally great, and if you liked the first game you'll like this one too. That said, there are glaring interface problems that have still not been fixed since the first installment. These range from things like receiving equipment that gives plusses to the skill "Rampage", which doesn't exist, to the game tutorials talking about the skill "Grab"...which also doesn't exist. When more than one person is playing, the menu system is like a minigame all by itself:

  • In the Save menu: When choosing a save slot, any player may press the button to save the game, but only the person who opened the menu may move the cursor up and down.
  • In the Load menu: Any player may move the cursor and press the button to load a game, but only the player who opened the menu may press the button to say "OK" after loading.
  • In the Danger Room: Player 1 must choose the course, select the team members, and press the button to leave the course afterwards, regardless of who activated the Danger Room menu. However, the person who activated the menu is the one who actually plays the course.

Those are just the most egregious errors. That we still played 50 hours of this game speaks to the quality of the enemy-smashing portions. Morgion immediately traded in his beloved Storm for the supreme badass, Magneto. Great fun was had with his magnetic levitation skill, as depicted above.

If anything, we played this game a little too much. We had a blast in Normal difficulty and defeated Apocalypse handily without needing to do any tedious leveling, but when we ramped up to Hard the game got...not Hard, exactly. It was definitely slower trying to blast through the toughened enemies, but only a couple times did we actually have people die. The enemies were maybe thirty levels above us, which meant they were dropping gear that was thirty levels above us, and even the store refused to sell us anything we could use. Faced with the daunting task of slogging through the story again and potentially never being able to use all the awesome stuff we'd find, or traveling back to Normal difficulty and spending hours leveling up, the choice was clear: send it back to GameFly.

21Oct05 (Monthenor): Oh yeah. Wapsi Square. As usual, start from the beginning and give it a few months to get rolling. It seemed like a standard non-gag per day newspaper strip, but all of a sudden there's a creepy coworker, an Aztec god of alcohol, something about a chimera...oh, and lesbian(s)!